Easy navigation through all available tests

All X-Ray Quality Asurance tests available on XRQA can be accessed from a dynamic menu on the main
"QA Tests" page. You can choose to access the test by Type, Department or even by Equipment name.

During the setup XRQA will automatically create associations between your equipment and which types of tests can be conducted for that particular piece of equipment.

Equipment Test Status

As you browse through various QA tests you will be presented with a list of equipment that is associated with that particular test.

XRQA monitors the "Test Status" for every piece of equipment and will clearly mark in different colours should a particular test be conducted for the current time period.

X-Ray Quality Assurance menu
Quick Test Forms

If you don't have a computer available while conducting tests you can generate printable "Test Forms" that can be filled manually. Once you have a computer access simply use the forms to enter the data in XRQA.
X-Ray Quality Assurance Quick Forms
Test Organiser

A powerful tool enabling you to overview the status of every piece of equipment, schedule tests and generate monthly reports.

Organiser Features:

• Test Scheduling Calendar
• "Not Completed" test list with "Quick Forms"
• "Completed" tests list
• "Excluded List" - exclude tests that are not
    applicable to your equipment
• Monthly Report - full overview of all tests
   conducted for every piece of equipment
X-Ray Quality Assurance management

Comprehensive X-Ray Quality Assurance forms

Entering data into XRQA system is a straight forward process. Our comprehensive QA forms will automatically show if the data entered is within Remedial/Suspension levels specified in the baselines.

Form features:

• Changeable baselines
• Graphs
• Year change (history)
• Help with step by step instructions and
• Automatic Remedial/Suspension calculation
• Quick menu for other tests available
• Print shortcut

X-Ray Quality Assurance Technology

My Toolbox

In this section you will find more useful tools like:

• Downloads Section containing printable X-Ray
   Quality Assurance Forms
• X-Ray Diagnostic Reference Level Software

• Exposures Chart Software
• Upload section for your files and documents
• XRQA Wiki

X-Ray Quality Assurance downloads

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